Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility for Seniors


25695 N. Centre City Parkway

Escondido, CA 92026

Facility#: 374603462

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When Living at home is no longer an option for loved ones..


Villa Monticello, in North County San Diego, is an accredited 24-hour assisted living facility, that has been providing best in care for our residents for the past 20 years. Locally owned and operated by an experienced, caring staff. We ensure structure, and social activities for dementia, and memory care.  It's a place our residents can call their HOME. It's a place that feels familiar and warm where they can be comfortable in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Here, we provide a safe sanctuary, a peaceful environment to ease the burdens and stresses for families making this transition.

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Villa Monticello offers a unique and distinctive landscape and Italian inspired architecture. It sits nestled between gently rolling hills in the center of North Escondido and is bordered by major streets on each side of the property for visibility and accessibility. The decorative wrought iron gate opens up to welcome our guests to approximately 10 acres of property surrounded by matured trees, rock formations, a growing vineyard, multiple oak trees, and a winding driveway lined with a white picket fence leading up to 4 separate villas spread out and built on expansive areas of land.

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25695 N. Centre City Parkway

Escondido, CA 92026


"Not one day did I ever doubt that we picked the perfect place in all of Escondido for [my mother] to get the best care surrounded by loving people working around the clock, day and night to make sure she was clean. The residents were always clean, those residing there were always entertained, well-fed, talked to, stimulated with games, music, exercise, fidget blankets, programs, guests, holidays, hair and nail care, weekly pastor and doctor visits. The holidays were always so very special, too.


We loved that we had many places to be outdoors and listen to music or feel the breeze and warmth of the sun or cool of the shade. Your door was always open to come and visit, share a meal, or plan an event and furnish the private room for family get-togethers and celebrations.


I would recommend Villa Monticello because of everything listed above and they are a family of love that surrounds the residents and their families every day."


- Sheryl M., Former Resident's Daughter

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