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Yvonne S.

via Yelp

"We moved my mom to Villa Monticello in January 2017. I am so impressed at how loving all the staff are to the residents. I call it a resort and a "love in"! The setting they provide creates such a loving calm with the residents, and the facility is beautiful and clean. They are also in tune to the residents and their special needs. It's a memory care facility and their really good at it! Non-stop entertainment to keep the mind busy and the calming evening routine helps transition them to sleep. I live close by and drop in all the time. At Villa Monticello they're all my friends, residents and staff alike! I always feel right at home. Just in the last 2 weeks they discovered my mom had shingles before she suffered any pain and I got her on meds right away. Because of their quality of care the shingles were halted in their tracks! Then they alerted me she might have a UTI infection before she had any pain. Sure enough, they were right. I got her on meds right away and she never had to suffer with it! I agree with everything Jillian H. said. I recommend them all the time. It is such a comfort to have my mom so loved and cared for. Placing my mom in an assisted living home is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but thanks to Orlando and Villa Monticello I can have the confidence to know she is loved and well cared for."

Cheryl W. 

via Yelp

"My mother lived at Villa Monticello the last year of her life. She was well cared for. She enjoyed the food. she felt loved and safe. This is a smaller sized, more family style, intimate facility. The staff was skillful in monitoring her movements, since mom was a fall risk, but did it in such a gentle way that mom never seemed to feel constrained. During the Covid lockdown, we couldn't visit for some months but the staff worked hard so the residents didn't feel isolated or abandoned. They enabled us to visit video calls. Once allowed, we could visit on the lovely covered porch with appropriate separation. Mom was kept clean and neat and even her fingernails polished -which made her happy. I recommend Villa Monticello for those who are looking for a 24 hour care facility for their loved ones who will thrive in a family style setting."

Rosie C. 

via Yelp

"My sister has been at Villa Monticello for a year now and we couldn't ask for a better place for her to call home. The staff & management have treat my sister with lots of love and patience since she is there for her memory loss and needs 24 hour care. The cook prepares the residents delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. The facility is always clean and well maintain it also helps that it's in a beautiful location.We are so happy we took our time looking for the right location and found Villa Monticello, we recommend it to anyone that wants excellent care for their loved ones."

Gayle T.

via Facebook

"This is a wonderful place of compassion & love. My husband was there for 15 months. He just passed away after suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He received such tender loving care. If you are looking for a small facility, I would say run. Don't walk to inquire if this is the right place for your loved one."

Paul C

via Yelp

"I'm not much of a review person as a matter of fact I think this is my first ever Yelp Review! I wanted to take this time though to post this review of Villa Monticello.

We moved my dad here January 1st 2019 not long after my mom passed and dad's memory became worse and worse and it became very difficult to manage him at my sister's home. We struggled mightily to find a home for him where we felt he would be comfortable and well cared for AND a place we like too!

Well he's been living at Monticello for 16 months now and we are so pleased. They take such good care of him AND us! He always tells us how comfortable and cared for he is.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 we starting hearing of major outbreaks in nursing homes throughout the country and we naturally became concerned but the staff at The Villa were extremely proactive. They restricted visitation very early on (the beginning of March). at first we weren't sure this was a good move for dad or us but looking t stories everyday in the news, we are so very grateful that the Villa took this pandemic seriously as all the residents and staff have remained healthy and unaffected by the virus and keep dad safe and happy. They allow us to callas often as we can and never seem put out getting him on the phone with us and even record video greetings for him and send them to us!

My entire family are so very grateful to the owners and all the staff at Villa Monticello for their commitment and dedication before, during and after this wretched pandemic. We don't know what we would do without you!"

Phyllis B.

via Google

"I absolutely love Villa Monticello. My mom is 88 years old with dementia and in a wheel-chair. We have moved her 3 times in 2 years and finally have found the perfect fit. I have no complaints at all. The facility is very clean, homey, and in the most beautiful piece of property. Her room is perfect and has a door to the outside where we sit on a porch area with nice piped in music and look at the view. The staff is wonderful and very personable. They know what my mom likes and dislikes. The chef is great and makes the best meals and even plates it like you are in a 5 star restaurant. There is some kind of activity usually going on. They exercise in the morning, sometimes play games, singing, and there are always puzzles going on the tables. I always feel welcomed every time I am there. The staff have become friends. They show sincerity in the care they provide. I tell everyone I know what a wonderful place this is."

Debbie G.

via Yelp

"My Mom has been a resident at Villa Monticello for 8 months. She loves the food prepared by excellent chefs, appreciates the care and attention of the staff, and enjoys the various activities. We are very impressed by how clean the facility is and the 24 hour quality care. We are grateful that she is settled and content in her new home."

Jillian H.

via Google

"My Mom was with Ruby and Orlando Dy at Villa Monticello from January 2015 until her death in June of this year (2017). I cannot begin to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the care and love my mom received from the Dy's and the staff at Villa Monticello. Mom received 24 hour care and our family was confident in the care she received. They worked with us as my mom's memory declined and her needs changed. We were able to keep my Mom at Villa Monticello, during these changing times, until her recent death. Not having to move my Mom again, was a great relief to us as a family. Villa Monticello also coordinated her care with Hospice. A good friend of mine referred me to the Dy's. They had cared for my friend's Mom until she passed away. I'm so glad that I took my friends advice and placed my Mom with Ruby and Orlando at Villa Monticello. The entire staff became like a family to my Mom and we are deeply grateful for them all as they came alongside us and my Mom. With heartfelt thanks."

Susan H.

via Yelp

"We moved my father to Villa Monticello in October 2018 after looking at several facilities. He made some great friends. He was always happy and enjoyed his life at Villa Monticello. Unfortunately, he passed in March of 2020. The staff took great care of him and I know they loved him like a grandfather. I also had two additional friends that spent their last days at his facility." 

Tiff R.

via Yelp

"My father lived at Villa Monticello at the end of his life. He was taken care of by an excellent staff who helped him with everything. The location is beautiful and they have activities for the residents. I have to say that the staff here did the best they could for my father and they were very sweet and helpful to our family as well. I would recommend Villa Monticello for anyone who wants their loved ones cared for. Thank you Villa Monticello"

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