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Our Villas

Our buildings, floor plans, and landscape were designed specifically for the types of residents who are experiencing memory, health, and mobility problems. With these residents as the focal point and inspiration, we created a layout that is simple, easy to remember, open and welcoming. It harmoniously flows from room to room with ample space for ease of movement and accessibility.


We have four distinct Italian inspired villas that are free-standing and built on approximately ten acres of land amidst rolling hills, surrounded by mountains, valleys, mature oak trees, palm trees, and a growing vineyard. It is located with easy accessibility from major roads and the freeway. Each of our villas has distinguishing characteristics and features as described below:

Villa 1

Villa 1 is our signature building. It is the first structure you will see as you drive up our soft-winding driveway into our parking lot. Our grand decorative wrought iron entry door opens up to a lovely foyer leading to a warm and inviting living room and dining room. It has large windows that allows in the refreshing breeze from outside and overlooks the expansive view of the mountains and valley. There are four private and two shared comfortably sized bedrooms. Each bedroom has an exterior

door that allows access to the wrap around outdoor patio for seating and relaxation. In total this building serves up to a maximum of eight residents. There are three spacious and functional handicapped bathrooms designed for close monitoring of residents who are personally assisted and supervised by caregivers during their activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, hygiene, and grooming.

Villa 1.png
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Main Villa

Main Villa is the central hub of our community. This is where our kitchen, dining room, activity room, main patio, central medication room, administration office, and laundry room are all located.  It also includes seven residents’ bedrooms, six bathrooms, and one guest bathroom.


Our open and lively kitchen extends the sweet aroma of a home cooked meal to the dining area where our residents can find camaraderie and companionship with one other as they share their meals together. This is the heart and soul of our community where we not only nourish their body, but their spirit as well.

Main Villa.png
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The kitchen and dining room flows right into the activity room, which is our “gathering place”. This is where our residents get together for scheduled daily activities led by our activity director. After scheduled activities, this room is also used as their resting area where they can take a short nap or just have quiet moments but still have the safety and comfort of being supervised and assisted by caregivers who are constantly monitoring the residents.

Med Tech Office is dedicated for medication storage, preparation, and administration. This is also where our caregivers do their shift endorsements and other care planning for the residents. It is also strategically located between the activity room and dining room so caregivers can easily keep an eye on each resident.

Main Covered Patio is for our outdoor lovers located right outside our dining room.  It is overlooking an open space of the clear blue sky, mountain range, towering palm trees, and grounds covered with a carpet of green grass perfect for our outdoor group activities. It is also a place to simply “hang out” with family and friends, but can also be a relaxing area to enjoy in solitude. Our residents can bask in the warmth of the sun while enjoying a breath of fresh air as they watch the rabbits play along the yard and watch the birds happily chirping and feeding on the bird seeds hanging by the trees. There are other small corner patios that provide same experience to our residents and their families.

Villa 2

Villa 2 is our “Exclusive Care” cottage. It is located at the lower level of our property, which provides a more peaceful and serene setting. It overlooks an expanse of open space of land filled with oak trees and views of the vineyard that promotes an ambiance of tranquility and elegance.


This charming villa has the look and feel of a quaint Italian cottage unique in its style and quality. It has five comfortable-sized resident bedrooms, two large handicap accessible bathrooms, one auxiliary room, an open dining area that flows into the living room, kitchenette, and an outside front porch for relaxation. Due to its intimate size, it is suitable to serve a small group of four to six residents specially designed for close monitoring and supervision in a calmer and more relaxed environment.

Villa 2.png
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There are simple and meaningful planned activities that are adapted to their level of physical and cognitive ability. Residents in this villa can participate in a larger group socialization setting as per request and can be transported using our facility van or golf cart to and from our main villa during group activities and special occasions (provided that the resident has the mental capacity and physical capability for mobility and transfer).  There is a trained caregiver assigned 24/7 around the clock to provide personal care, assistance, and supervision to all the residents can be provided as needed in certain situations.

Villa 2 is ideal for couples, respite stay, hospice care, and for those who need higher levels of care that have challenging needs for a more personal and individualized care with closer supervision.

Villa 3.png
Villa 3

Villa 3 is an extension of Villa 2. Located right next to Villa 2. It has two very large bedrooms with their own private handicap accessible bathrooms located on each side of the building for privacy and comfort. The two bedrooms are connected in the center by dining area, kitchenette and front porch.


Villa 3 serves the same types of residents as Villa 2.

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