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All-Inclusive Basic Care

Villa Monticello recognizes the financial stress and burden of caring for your loved ones suffering from Dementia so we created a simple cost and time-saving value of bundling up the amount of care, services, and basic supplies into one All-Inclusive Rate.


This stress-free All-Inclusive Basic Care includes care, services, and basic supplies that allows the family to budget and plan all the financial aspects of care for their loved one with NO hidden cost, NO surprise charges, and NO nickel and dime tactics.

This Includes all of the following listed below:

​Direct Care, Assistance, and Monitoring
  • 24 hour monitoring, supervision, and assistance as needed

  • Assistance with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, and grooming

  • Toileting and incontinent care with supplies included

  • Night monitoring and assistance as needed, staff awake at night

  • Observation and reporting of any abnormal conditions to the primary care physician and family/responsible party

  • 1 to 2 person assistance with transfer and mobility

  • Minor wound /skin care

  • Coordinating and working with outside services as per doctor’s orders such as home health, hospice care, physical, and occupational therapy

  • Scheduling medical and dental appointments; arrangement of transportation upon request

  • Assistance with hearing aids, eye glasses, and other appliances

  • Calling 911 or emergency transport in case of any incidence or accidents such as fall that will require emergency treatment (cost to be paid by the resident’s responsible party)

Social, Mental, and Emotional Support, and Behavior Management

  • Stimulating and meaningful activities that promote, wellness, mental stimulation, and socialization

  • Observe and report any changes in moods, behavior, mental capacity, and emotional status

  • Management of “ sundowning” and other challenging behaviors by redirecting attention while providing closer attention and supervision to the resident

Meals Management​
  • 3 nutritious meals plus snacks  and unlimited beverages, unless contraindicated

  • Escort to and from meals and activities as needed

  • Assistance with feeding as needed

  • Assistance and monitoring of meals and diet as prescribed by physician

  • Modified diet as per doctor’s orders (i.e. low salt , low sugar, soft or pureed foods)

  • Observe and report any changes in appetite and ability to swallow or allergies to food

  • Encourage fluid intake except when contraindicated

Medication Management​
  • Medications centrally stored and locked in a med cart

  • Proper dispensing of medicines as per doctor's orders by a trained med tech

  • Proper inventory and documentation of medications including narcotics

  • Ordering new medications and refills of routine and PRN medications

  • Proper destruction of discontinued and expired medications

  • Observation and reporting of possible allergic reactions or negative side effects of medications

Housekeeping, Laundry Services, Basic Supplies, and Furnishing Included

  • Basic housekeeping

  • Basic toiletries supplies

  • Laundry service for regular clothes; no dry cleaning, and washing of fine clothes

  • Basic toiletries and hygiene supplies

  • Incontinence supplies

  • Basic bedroom furniture (twin size bed, side table, lamp, chair , dresser or closet)

  • Linens, sheets, pillows, and blankets included

Home Nurse Making Bed

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