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With the understanding that each resident is unique and requires a different level of care, we take the time to carefully complete a pre-admission assessment prior to accepting any resident in order to create an effective plan of care that will meet their individual and personal needs.

Our plan of care for each resident is a collaborative effort between the facility staff, family members, and other interdisciplinary professionals such as physical therapists, and home health care professionals. We regularly evaluate the needs of each person to ensure they continue to receive consistent and quality care.

5 Point Strategy of Dementia Program (C.A.R.E.S.)

C - Careful assessment of each resident’s unique and individual needs
A- Adapt and implement a program/service plan developed to meet the ever changing needs of our residents
R- Review and assess on a regular basis the program and plan of care implemented to evaluate its      effectiveness and relevance
E- Empower our residents with dementia, the staff of caregivers, families, friends, and medical professional by building a positive partnership toward achieving a common goal
S- Secure a safe environment essential to the total well being of our residents

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