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Our COVID-19 Visiting Guidelines

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Understanding that loneliness, depression and feeling of isolation are possible side effects of COVID-19’s restrictive guidelines, Villa Monticello Assisted Living & Memory Care offers a unique outdoor environment that allows personal visits from families and friends without compromising their safety and possible exposure to the virus while following all the basic preventive guidelines. Our goal is to keep the physical and emotional connection of our residents with their loved ones even at this time of COVID-19 pandemic by providing a safe and wholesome environment.

This is our current visitation policies:

-Call us 24 hours prior to your requested visit so we can plan and prepare.

-When you arrive at the facility, call us to alert staff that you have arrived and wait for the COVID-19 Pre-screening.

-Staff will escort you to the designated visiting area.

-All visits will be outdoor except for special situations and with prior approval of management.

-Keep the visit a maximum of 20 minutes and only 2 guests at a time.

-Stay at the assigned visiting area with a barrier and observe social distancing of at least 6 feet at all times.

-There shall be no close physical contact such as hugging or kissing with your loved ones.

-Masks should be worn AT ALL TIMES during the visit.

-No guests are allowed to roam around the facility other than the designated visiting area.

-Please refrain from talking to other residents and minimum conversation with staff.

As always, Villa Monticello is committed in ensuring the safety and welfare of our residents and staff. Aside from adhering to the strict guidelines for prevention & control of COVID-19, a weekly testing of staff and random testing of residents are being implemented. Vaccinations of all our staff and majority of our residents have already been done and ongoing testing and vaccination for incoming residents and newly hired staff are all part of our protocol.

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