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To ensure the safety of all our residents and staff especially our high risk residents at Villa Monticello Assisted Living & Memory Care, we created new protocols & policies to protect them and reduce any possible exposure to COVID-19 virus. A year after this pandemic shook the entire world with community outbreaks especially in congregate living like nursing home and assisted living facilities, we managed to stay COVID-FREE & continue to do so by strictly adhering and implementing proper practices to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

Health Screening & Temperature Checks for all visitors, staff & residents

Staff & visitors are asked questions regarding their health & any symptoms along with temperature checks on a scheduled visit. We also take the residents temperature & oxygen saturation level daily to monitor for any symptoms.

Masks on at all times

All visitors, care providers, nurses & staff are required to have a face mask or face covering properly on at all times inside the facility. We also advise double masking if deemed necessary.

Social Distancing

With ample space in our dining area to socially distance our residents during meals & numerous great outdoor patios for outside activities to keep them active physically, mentally & emotionally despite the isolation brought about by “lockdown and quarantine” .

Daily Disinfecting

At Villa Monticello, we strive to create a clean and safe environment for our residents and staff. Our protocol is not just to clean but to disinfect as much surface areas as possible three times a day or more if necessary especially common areas where people gather. Chemicals use to disinfect are in compliance with CDC COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Visiting Protocol

We understand our resident’s need for emotional connection through personal visits from their respective families and the isolation our residents suffer from the mandated quarantine and lockdown, with that in mind we developed an “alternative way of connecting” our residents to their loved ones.

· We offer a great outdoor visit in our patio separating them by a screen while observing social distance of at least 6 feet apart. Unfortunately, we cannot allow physical touching such as “hugs and kisses” which will defeat the entire purpose of quarantine.

· Virtual visits are also encouraged and staff can help arranged with the residents and families whatever is needed to have a meaningful visit

· Phone calls are welcome and staff can assist if needed.

Weekly COVID Testing for all staff

Our staff is required to obtain weekly testing for the COVID-19 virus & we are grateful that all of our staff continues to be COVID FREE.

COVID-19 Vaccinations started

In coordination with CVS & the state of California’s licensing community, residents and staff have completed the first dose of vaccination and will have the second dose as scheduled. Villa Monticello requires all employees to complete required COVID 19 immunization.


Guidelines for quarantine:

· Any residents who leaves the facility for any reason such as doctor appointments or medical procedures etc.. will be subjected to a 14 day quarantine when they come back.

· Any residents or staff that displays any symptoms or was exposed to the virus will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine. A negative covid-19 test result after 14 day isolation is required to end quarantine.

· Any staff who went on vacation will need recent COVID 19 test with negative result. Anyone who travelled out of the country will need to quarantine for 14 days after coming back to US and will need to provide a recent NEGATIVE COVID 19 test.

· For residents on quarantine, there is a designated room and caregiver in full PPE that will assist with ADLs, meals & activities.

Villa Monticello is committed in providing the best quality care possible to our senior residents especially in this crucial time in our history where we are all affected from this pandemic brought about by this deadly virus. Our goal is to protect our residents from harm and maintain their safety and well-being. The management and staff of Villa Monticello are working tirelessly to keep that commitment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or contact us.

We are also here to help other families who may be in a dilemma trying to look for a safe place for their loved ones during this challenging time. If you need help or have concerns and need assistance to find the right home for your loved ones, please call us at (760) 738-1555 or schedule a visit here at Villa Monticello for a private tour of our community.

Watch our Blog for updates & more resources to help manage the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on seniors & their families.

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