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Since the start of the pandemic, our community here at Villa Monticello Assisted Living & Memory Care have been following strict guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & took swift measures to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. To further protect them, we took part on the nationwide campaign for COVID-19 vaccination through our partnership with CVS/Omnicare Health. First dose was given to our residents and staff and second dose will be scheduled soon.

Villa Monticello would like to thank CVS /Omnicare Health, for an organized and efficient manner of conducting group immunization in our community. Residents and their families including staff were informed and consent were taken prior to immunization.

What do some of our staff think of the vaccination:

As stated by Noel, one of the lead Med Techs at Villa Monticello, when asked about the side effect of the vaccine.

“A sore arm is nothing compared to the relief it gives me knowing that I was a part of ensuring the safety and protection of our community”.

According to Diana, one of our compassionate caregivers and also a Med Tech at Villa Monticello.

“we were encouraged by management to make sure we only go to places that we really need to be. I do my grocery shopping early in the morning to avoid bigger crowds and I follow all of the COVID 19 precautions including wearing mask at all times while practicing social distancing and frequent handwashing to reduce the risk of being exposed to this deadly virus"

she stated on finding ways to limit virus vulnerability.

For more information regarding the vaccine, please visit:

Keeping our commitment

As always, Villa Monticello Assisted Living & Memory Care's commitment to keeping everyone safe has always been our priority. Our staff were all informed and given proper education on how to prevent further spread of the virus and mandated to follow all basic guidelines. Fortunately, we are able to maintain a safe environment for our residents and we are working hard to keep it that way.

We are also here to help other families who may be in a dilemma trying to look for a safe place for their loved ones during this challenging time. If you need help or have concerns and need assistance to find the right home for your loved ones, please call us at (760) 738-1555 or (858) 837-0213. You can also call or email us at to schedule a private tour of our community. Watch our Blog for updates & more resources to help manage the impact of the coronavirus on our seniors and their families.

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