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Covid-19 virus pandemic changed our way of life. It presented us with circumstances that are unexpected which none of us are prepared for. However, we are resilient human beings and in time of adversities, we learn how to adapt and to be creative.

At Villa Monticello. we strive to create an environment of normalcy during this challenging time. Our residents who are not only frail but cognitively unable to fully comprehend the current situations at hand needs the support of the people who care for them to continue to connect but in a more creative way. We have some suggestions to continue the connections without compromising the health and welfare of your loved ones.

Ways to help & support a loved one living in an assisted living or memory care community:

· Letters

The sparkle in our residents eyes once they find out that they have a letter is something so precious! They read it on their own or have a caregiver read it to them for those with eyesight difficulties & they love every bit of it. Hand-written

Letters are personal & it surely brings a smile to their faces.

· Sending Gifts & Flowers

Sending gifts, most likely flowers are a conversation starter with their neighbor residents as we display their delivered flowers in their dining table for all to see. It also acts as a sensory activity as well due to the residents eyeing & smelling the flowers and it brings pride & joy to the resident who received it knowing that their loved one is thinking of them right at that moment!

· Virtual Visits & Phone Calls

Phone calls, may it be short or long, are very much appreciated by our residents. A simple greeting or joking around can surely bring a laugh to them & it also warms their heart that their families are checking in. With the technology improving in our generation, we can now have virtual visits via FaceTime. This provides a better experience than a normal phone call because residents can see their loved one and recognize them, providing a seamless conversation due to better recognition especially for our memory care residents. It may be something so new and amazing to our residents but caregivers are here to assist with any type of device and give them the privacy that the families need.

Photo Albums

Families can also send a labeled photo album & we can use it as a reminiscing activity, an activity that all of our residents enjoy & it sparks a conversation with them. They love talking about their jobs, hobbies, friends & families and this will surely bring them down to memory lane!

These are just some of the ways families can do to support their loved ones living in assisted living or memory care communities. It is so important to stay connected and find new ways to support & comfort our residents. Here at Villa Monticello, we continue to engage our residents in stimulating activities tailored to their personalities to keep their body and mind as healthy as they can be & with the help of the loving families of our residents, anything is possible.

Watch our Blog for updates & more resources to help manage the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on seniors & their families.

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