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Keeping our seniors active during the COVID pandemic

Here at Villa Monticello Assisted Living & Memory Care, we continue to provide a healthy and loving community for our seniors especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are creating more ways to entertain our residents and to keep them active & healthy.

Here are some of the activities our residents do to stay active:

Holiday Carts

We have a holiday cart that is designed to the event of the week/month that contains special gifts for our residents. Whenever they see it in our community, you can see their eyes sparkle knowing they are about to do something special for their celebrated holiday.

Ice Cream Social & Special Events

You scream, I scream, We all love some Ice Cream! At Villa Monticello, our residents enjoy some good 'ole ice cream social. We get to talk about life and celebrate it with some sweet stuff.

Resident Spotlight

We all love a little spotlight! In our community, we feature one of our residents every month where we talk about their past career, family & friends, hobbies and many more! We also share pictures from that time that will surely make them reminisce and relive those beautiful memories again.


Staying active is vital for good health, especially as we age. That is why here at Villa Monticello, we create new ways to encourage our residents to stay active. We are blessed with such beautiful grounds that our residents can enjoy while we do our exercises, fresh breeze and calming sounds of nature accompanies them.

Relaxing Stroll around our beautiful community

With such beautiful views of the rolling hills of Escondido and the shade our matured palm and oak trees provide, strolling around the community is one of the things our residents love to do. Accompanied by the singing birds & surrounding soft music, it provides a relaxing environment they can feel at peace and safe while they stroll around the private community.


During this pandemic, we are sure traveling is the last thing in our minds but here at Villa Monticello we are traveling in our armchairs! Travelogue is a program our residents genuinely enjoy. We set a country to go to and we learn about the culture, special activities that we can do in that country, its famous spots, and their food as well. Sharing their stories back when they traveled and eating the delightful cuisine here in our community prepared by our Chef is something our residents look forward to every time.

Baking Adventures with our Chef Martin

Since food is something we can all enjoy here in Villa Monticello, our Chef Martin makes sure our residents are involved with their food and makes it with him too!

For some of our residents who loved to cook & bake for their loved ones, this activity brings them a sense of purpose and reminds them that they are not just a person with a disease but also a person who can still enjoy the things they loved to do before dementia.

Bingo & Games

And of course! How can we forget B-I-N-G-O, we love playing games here in our community and specially enjoy them when they have prizes. We also do word puzzles, brain busters, old sayings & guessing games to keep our minds active and balloon volleyball and ball toss are our resident's favorites during the afternoon.

Gardening Club with Dolor

At Villa Monticello, our residents love to do gardening with Dolor and we support organic goods for our residents. We grow tomatoes and onions in our backyard although we think our friendly squirrels are benefitting from it more than us, we still love doing it!

We are also here to help other families who may be in a dilemma trying to look for a safe place for their loved ones during this challenging time. If you need help or have concerns and need assistance to find the right home for your loved ones, please call us at (760) 738-1555 or (858) 837-0213. You can also call or email us at to schedule a private tour of our community. Watch our Blog for updates & more resources to help manage the impact of the coronavirus on our seniors and their families.

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